• finished designing and implementing the new Level Selection Screen
  • reworked the Gui screen drawing logic to fix an issue where Gui children wouldn't update their rendering positions correctly

Here it is: The Level Selection Screen of Undead Legions - Resurrections! This will be the place where you can trace your game progress and choose your next, wise actions. We made the level tree scrollable and this unfortunately exposed some nasty issues with our Gui implementation. In the end, we had to rework a good chunk of the drawing logic for Gui elements. The good thing is that meanwhile, issues that are related to our game framework (or engine, if you want) occurr less and less frequently which is a good indication that it is getting more reliable and stable over time.

LevelSelection small

  • began designing a new level selection screen

Now that we are nearly done with the content for the next big preview version, we realized that we need to redesign the level selection screen. The old one came along quite informative but lacked several key aspects, such as being pleasant to look at.

The new tree-like design gives a much better overview of a player's progression and also allows us to connect the levels in a non-linear way, which means that we can easily add bonus levels/challenges or even completely seperate branches. We are really looking forward to finishing the new level screen. For now, the design is not quite final, but we have basic functionality and an awesome grid editor, which allows us (the developers) to happily drag around levels and connect them at will.


LevelGridEditor small

  • began designing the Iceworld Bossfight



  • several balancing and tweaking iterations for the Iceworld levels
  • players are now forced to start a battle by jumping when they do no have a Support Sphere (i.e. in the first few levels, to make sure they know that you can jump)
  • Lobby Slots now remember previously selected heroes for each player
  • fixed bug where spawn animation would run when creatures fall down onto the playfield
  • fixed low-life indicators for heroes
  • fixed bug where heroes could walk through Oggharr while moving backwards
  • finished all levels for the Iceworld
  • added an option to activate Twin-Stick shooting (auto-shoot while aiming)
  • some stat modifiers from power-ups won't stack on stats anymore but on duration (Haste, Speed, Piercing, and Shield)
  • Treasure Goblins now appearing randomly during waves
  • fixed issue with Push Buttons
  • fixed issue where hero would stay in victory pose when exiting and re-entering a battle
  • fixed bug where Treasure Goblins wouldn't be animated while escaping

More levels for the Iceworld. Stay tuned!


Late Frost transparent