• added assets for new type of enemy
  • implemented corresponding AI

Adding new creatures is usually good fun, but it can also be quite an exhausting task to tweak all the parts that make up that new enemy to have it fit well into the game. Sometimes it's the visuals that just don't feel right, the sounds or the actual AI controlling the creature. Sometimes it's just about everything that you don't seem to get the right way. Most creatures in Ulr have been done in a couple of days, sometimes even in a few hours. This time, we nearly invested a whole week for one new type of enemy! The good thing is that it definitely paid off: the Iceworld is now home to the ravenous Snow Sharks.

SnowSharks small

Here, the Gunner is surrounded by a bunch of Snow Sharks. The sharks are circling the support sphere, waiting for their prey. They might not know that we're talking about an awesome Level 8 super hero.