Undead Legions 2 is a fast and frantic 2d top-down Rpg shooter where you can play with and develop four different unique characters that each have their own strengths and special abilities. Progress through dozens of increasingly difficult levels, show off your skills in unlockable arenas, upgrade your gear, and score for global leaderboards.

Core Gameplay

The game offers fast paced and chaotic shooting fun while still rewarding actual player skill and tactical awareness. There’s a huge variety in the types of enemies you will encounter and an increasing number of unlockable elements available for your support as you progress through the levels, including powerful magic circles that aid you in battle. Level up your heroes and upgrade your gear in order to enter the most challenging stages and arenas.



There are four different heroes that you can play with and level up individually. Each have their own starting gear and a set of special abilities that they can learn at certain points. The Gunner comes with a slow firing, heavy spile gun and uses several types of explosives as a backup, depending on the skills he’ll learn. The Rogue carries a fast firing crossbow and places different kinds of traps, while the Mage relies on flames and fire in everything he does. The Priestess can heal team members and give them useful buffs and thus is a powerful backup character in co-op games.

Support Spheres

Next to our heroes, support spheres are a central game element in Undead Legions. During your battles, they provide healing capabilities, produce power-ups, slow down or damage creatures, allow you to build and upgrade turrets inside them, or help you in yet other ways. These sphere abilities can be upgraded to a maximal level which depends on the specific type of support sphere you are playing with and its level. Support Spheres also differ in their available abilities, so each of them has its own specific benefits. In any case, you will have to plan your tactics during battles and find a sphere with the abilities you’ll need the most to succeed. 


There will be a huge variety in the amount and types of Undead you’ll encounter, including bosses and semi-bosses. We won’t go into more detail here to keep the tension, but be certain that you’ll have a hard time with a long lasting fun factor.



Power-Ups are probably the one most desired thing in heavier battles. Once generated by a magic circle, they’ll be fired somewhere on the playfield and stay at your disposal for some time. Power-ups come in two different kinds, supportive power-ups and destructive power-ups. Supportive power-ups will give your character one of several temporary boosts once picked up, like e.g. multishot or shielding. Destructive power-ups will unleash a destructive force that will most likely kill A LOT of undead enemies, giving you some breathing air for a short time. The rate at which power-ups are generated depends on the upgrade level of the corresponding circle ability. Later circles will shoot out power-ups in rapid succession once fully upgraded and will help you gain the upper hand against an increasingly overwhelming opposition.


Last but not least, there’s dozens of different unique items that you can find and equip for your characters.These items will come in varying rarities and powers and will increase your chances of survival.Items


Regular Updates and Special Events

The one most important thing for us is that Undead Legions will be a game that you can always come back to, so we’ll put great emphasis on long-term replayability. We will achieve this by adding new content frequently and setting up special events. How far this will go, of course, greatly depends on the success of the game. In the best case, there will be weekly special events along with digitial prizes for the best players, like e.g. unique gear for your characters that you can only obtain during these events.