• added Steam Cloud Support
  • Lobby now displays which levels are to be completed to unlock locked characters
  • a "Defeat" message is now briefly displayed after being defeated instead of immediately jumping to the battle review
  • added a hint that informs players that holding the jump button increases jump range in the first two levels
  • fixed bug where Treasure Goblins would drop blueprints that the player already collected
  • fixed issue where a wrong rank would be displayed in the leaderboard
  • fixed formatting of leaderboard entries

From now on, you can switch to the "develop" beta in your Steam client to get access to the latest version of Undead Legions II. The dev release will be updated every few weeks and come with the latest bug fixes, tweaks, and other smaller features. Major content updates are kept back for the official releases every 4-6 weeks. The dev releases are thoroughly tested by the developers but they might raise unexpected issues simply because they're not yet tested by a larger amount of people. You're still encouraged to use them for an overall better gaming experience and to help us eliminate any such issues.

  • skills now require a minimum Tier instead of a minimum Level
  • heroes now reach Tier 3 with Level 9, Tier 4 with Level 12, and Tier 5 with Level 15
  • hero equipping screen now has full gamepad support
  • game data can now be loaded from different locations
  • fixed funny bug where heroes would bounce off enemies when landing from a jump instead of pushing them away
  • yet another bunch of smaller issues

Midnight Freeze small


  • implemented item drop logic
  • tested, tweaked and fixed item implementation

The item implementation was the last behemoth feature to implement and of course requires thorough testing. Also, it was absolutely necessary to have items actually being dropped by some logic other than dropping at will for testing purposes. They now do by a secret logic that we will tell nobody about. But we can tell you that items rock and that there's already nice combinations of items that make your character extra strong.

Undead Winter small

  • added a collection of 28 base items to the game
  • added 4 special items
  • added several smaller features that were still missing around the new item implementation (such as a blinking button, when there are blueprints available to forge new items) - gamepad support still missing
  • More Rx for GameObjects
  • GameObjects can now have components
  • Encapsulated some GameObject behaviour in new game object components

Undead Legions Lobby small

This week, we actually made items available in Undead Legions. Some minor things are still missing, like gamepad support for the new screens, but everything works like a charm already. Undead Legions now comes with 32 items that you can find while fighting through the levels. Also, we're still (and continuously) working on our game object archictecture, slowly transorming it into a nice entity component system, which it should have been from day one.


  • added a screen for equipping your heroes
  • implemented a first set of legendary item prototypes

ItemEquipping small

Yahoo, this is what we wanted to see in Undead Legions! The equipping screen was the last thing that stood between us and a game packed with awesome content. In wild anticipation, we already implemented a bunch of cool legendary item features.

A huge step towards a great event that we are going to announce soon. So make sure you stay tuned!