• added prominent visual indicators when heroes have unspent skillpoints
  • during a battle, the last three remaining enemies are now marked in the HUD
  • Treasure Goblin won't appear in Armageddon levels anymore
  • improved collision handling
  • fixed bug where hero would be instantly pushed to infinity (and thus outside the battlefield) on rare occasions when colliding with a stationary object like the sphere turret
  • fixed a few issues in the AppearanceModifier that lead to several drawing issues under certain circumstances
  • fixed a few other minor things

It's hard to tell how many times we refactored or improved the collision handling, but it truly is one of the parts that need a lot of maintenance. Every time we improve or fix something here, some day, we'll find that something else goes wrong. The one good thing about that is that meanwhile, the collision code is very well organized and documented.