• level images of completed levels are now drawn darker
  • Snow Witches are now less likely to teleport around so much
  • changed gamepad button bindings (big improvement here, we figured that you CAN use the bumpers, if you just want to!)
  • skill tree does not show skill trees for locked heroes anymore, but a hint label
  • Shield now grants total invulnerability
  • fixed issue where flying creatures would get stuck at trampling creatures
  • fixed issue where crows would not damage frost sharks
  • fixed issue where raven could not kill bats
  • fixed wraith spawning in boss level
  • fixed Multishot skill for Rogue
  • fixed issue where skillpoints panel would keep blinking even if there are no skillpoints left
Dev Features
  • improved level statistics panels to reveal yet more information

Many small changes, fixes and improvements this week. Not terribly exciting, but still neccesssary! Even more so now that we're taking the final steps towards the coming preview.