• added a collection of 28 base items to the game
  • added 4 special items
  • added several smaller features that were still missing around the new item implementation (such as a blinking button, when there are blueprints available to forge new items) - gamepad support still missing
  • More Rx for GameObjects
  • GameObjects can now have components
  • Encapsulated some GameObject behaviour in new game object components

Undead Legions Lobby small

This week, we actually made items available in Undead Legions. Some minor things are still missing, like gamepad support for the new screens, but everything works like a charm already. Undead Legions now comes with 32 items that you can find while fighting through the levels. Also, we're still (and continuously) working on our game object archictecture, slowly transorming it into a nice entity component system, which it should have been from day one.