• added Steam Cloud Support
  • Lobby now displays which levels are to be completed to unlock locked characters
  • a "Defeat" message is now briefly displayed after being defeated instead of immediately jumping to the battle review
  • added a hint that informs players that holding the jump button increases jump range in the first two levels
  • fixed bug where Treasure Goblins would drop blueprints that the player already collected
  • fixed issue where a wrong rank would be displayed in the leaderboard
  • fixed formatting of leaderboard entries

From now on, you can switch to the "develop" beta in your Steam client to get access to the latest version of Undead Legions II. The dev release will be updated every few weeks and come with the latest bug fixes, tweaks, and other smaller features. Major content updates are kept back for the official releases every 4-6 weeks. The dev releases are thoroughly tested by the developers but they might raise unexpected issues simply because they're not yet tested by a larger amount of people. You're still encouraged to use them for an overall better gaming experience and to help us eliminate any such issues.