• blueprints can now be turned into real items in the Item Forge
  • implemented a terrific architecture for item handling so that nothing can stop us from implementing mind blowing item abilities
  • added an initial collection of items
  • redesigned the gui base that now allows for deriving more efficient gui elements
  • derived an incredibly efficient gui element that is used in the new Item Forge

ItemForge small

Items, and thus blueprints, come in different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. The rarer an item, the less likely it will drop from treasure goblins. This never-before-seen approach adds much to the joy of collecting items. Most items only have stat effects, while Legendary items always have an additional unique power. The exciting procedure of turning a blueprint into an item has been captured on camera, enjoy!

  • treasure goblins now drop item blueprints
  • added an awesome found-a-blueprint screen (that shows when you found a blueprint)

FoundBlueprint small

We told you we would work on the items, so what else would you expect? Let's see how everything works out. After all, this is only the very first step towards a glorious item implementation. We put together an introductory video that shows you the practice of acquiring item blueprints. Watch it on youtube for top notch quality.

  • added game difficulty settings
    • difficulty affects the health and speed of the Undead and the amount of damage they deal
    • higher difficulty increases the amount of gold dropped and the chance of item drops
Dev Features
  • significantly improved the in-game debugging capabilities for game objects

Up until now, our goal was to leave difficulty settings away. Players who can't beat a specific level were to grind earlier levels until they become strong enough.While this sounds nice in general, the difference in skill between hardcore and casual gamers is just to great. Balancing this approach to everybody's advantage became an unsolvable task.

difficulty devlog

So here they are, difficulty settings! Barely implemented, it turned out that they are a great feature for all kinds of players. In a twist of fate, they actually make grinding more fun. Need more gold the easy way? Go play an earlier level in Ultra difficulty.


We hardly worked on Undead Legions the last 5 weeks. Instead, we worked quite a bit on our homepage, finally getting a few features working that our site lacked so far. We now have actual landing pages for our games and the company and a nice set of buttons that link to our social media sites. A few things are still missing, but what we have now should already offer a much better experience to all visitors.

Also, we set up a presence on Instagram and Tumblr, which you should definitely check out! We're back on IndieDB, too, so you can check that out as well.


  • Raven skill now dumbfires a raven instead of having a raven fly around and attack zombies, making it a much more effective skill
  • increased power up pick-up radius
  • improved Knightmare AI
  • fixed issue where support sphere would hold references to outdated BattlefieldManagers
  • fixed xmas tree spawner
  • fixed issue where game would crash when lighting was disabled


  • redesigned destruction sphere features
  • new support sphere module: Life Orbs for destruction spheres
  • power ups can now be shot towards heroes
  • "MAXED" now appears over upgrades which a hero does not pick up
  • increased pick-up range of upgrades
  • new bump effect for the level icons, they look even more terrific now


The destruction spheres used to be somewhat hard to get along with. They intentionally lacked healing capacity, but it turned out that this is just too great a weakness in battle. In order to keep them seperated from the other types of spheres (which have life regeneration modules), we added a new type of support sphere module. This module shoots life orbs to the players which heal an amount of life over a short time. It turned out to be the perfect addition to the destruction spheres and makes them just as powerful as the other types of spheres.