• fixed a major memory leak that slowed down the game after playing for a longer time (10+ levels)
  • fixed several other smaller memory leaks
  • fixed issue where game would crash when Fortification modifiers were active
  • fixed issue with new mana emitter
  • fixed issue where Power Up Heaven would crash
  • fixed issue where turret's firerate slowed down when surrounded by hordes of undead
  • removed xp restriction for heroes with lower tier than level tier
  • changed level upgrade order of Rogue
  • transformed more event handling code to Rx code

This week, we got ourselfs a nifty memory profiler that helped us find and eliminate a major leak that we knew was there all the time. We used the opportunity to look through other parts of the game as well and see if there are other leaks to fix. Indeed there were, and we fixed them.

  • finished first version of bonus level 'Zmas Eve'
    • it's still very chaotic and absolutely hilarious
  • Vault skill now has longer range and no cooldown anymore
  • added mana emitter for mana recharge effects on heroes
  • fixed issue where snow sharks would not emit snow particles
  • fixed issue where turret would stop attacking
  • improved design of hero browser

heroBrowser small

  • started creating incredibly chaotic and hilarious bonus level for Iceworld, 'Zmas Eve'
  • replaced a good chunk of event handling code with modern Rx-Code (Reactive Extensions), greatly simplifying the handling of all kinds of battle events
  • damage handling is now done in a creature component
  • BattlefieldManager can now have components (like a xmas tree spawner)
  • fixed issue where game would crash when turret is destroyed when platform raises
  • fixed issue with rewarding in level selection


  • tweaked the hell out of some more levels
  • heroes now also respawn in campaign mode in multiplayer
  • players can now quit the game from the splash screen
  • dead heroes no longer fortify
  • snow witches won't teleport themselves outside the playfield anymore
  • fixed minor memory leak in new support drawing code
  • fixed issue where the turret could get damaged while the platform raises
  • fixed issue where players wouldn't get their level rewards

Doing extensive playtesting really makes you find what you are looking for: way too many bugs and issues. This week we got our hands on most of the things we detected so far while continuing to tweak and playtest.

  • bombers now explode on turret when colliding with it
  • longer replacement duration of destroyed turrets
  • shop button now keeps blinking until player has bought his first support sphere
  • power ups now visibly begin to vanish a bit earlier, so they can still be picked up when nearly invisible

This week, we spent quite some time tweaking the turrets. They were a bit over-powered so far. We made them less tough, so they are more likely to get destroyed by flying projectiles. Also, bombers will now explode when colliding with the turret. Replacing a destroyed turret now takes longer, too. This means that when you play with a turret, you should -depending on the types of enemies- avoid standing too close to it to decrease the chances that it goes down and has to be replaced. Turrets still aren't actually targeted by any type of enemy and they are still very effective against fast or teleporting enemies.

  • redesigned graphics for support spheres; each sphere now has its own unique shape and visual effects
  • completely replaced former sphere drawing code
  • implemented several shaders for sphere effects

The last three weeks have been designated to a major overhaul of the visuals of the support spheres. They play a central role in the game and up until now, they only differed in their color. Even more, buying a higher Tier sphere of the same type had no effect on the visuals at all, leaving the player wondering where his hard earned gold went after the upgrade.

SphereShow01 small

Be sure to check out the corresponding article and watch the video there to see the support spheres in all their beauty.