• completed levels are now stamped in the level selection screen
  • continued implementation of the AI for the Iceworld boss
  • restyling of the Rogue
  • updated turret graphics
  • added missing sounds for female characters 


steampunk rogue

  • added prominent visual indicators when heroes have unspent skillpoints
  • during a battle, the last three remaining enemies are now marked in the HUD
  • Treasure Goblin won't appear in Armageddon levels anymore
  • improved collision handling
  • fixed bug where hero would be instantly pushed to infinity (and thus outside the battlefield) on rare occasions when colliding with a stationary object like the sphere turret
  • fixed a few issues in the AppearanceModifier that lead to several drawing issues under certain circumstances
  • fixed a few other minor things

It's hard to tell how many times we refactored or improved the collision handling, but it truly is one of the parts that need a lot of maintenance. Every time we improve or fix something here, some day, we'll find that something else goes wrong. The one good thing about that is that meanwhile, the collision code is very well organized and documented.

  • implemented Level Rewards
    • completing certain levels can now yield a reward, like Support Spheres or Gold
  • lots of fixes around the new Level Selection screen
  • improvements and fixes around reward mechanics
  • improved global debugging system to help track down issues with data synchronisation between internal data and data on the Steam server

Awesome new screens and new functionality don't come without bugs and unexpected issues, so we spent a good bunch of the week on several fixes and improvements concerning the new level selection screen and the reward mechanics. As a side-effect, completing levels can now yield rewards, too (besides the objectives). This is great, because we can now branch off in the level tree with optional levels where you can win Skillpoints, Support Spheres, and other yet unknown stuff!

... Development Paused ...

  • Added Reward Screen

So far, rewarding the player has been done with a short informative message in a simple pop-up window. This could easily be confused with a dull system message that nobody wants to read. Rewards are great, and players should notice when they get one, so here's the new reward screen!

RewardScreen small

  • finished designing and implementing the new Level Selection Screen
  • reworked the Gui screen drawing logic to fix an issue where Gui children wouldn't update their rendering positions correctly

Here it is: The Level Selection Screen of Undead Legions - Resurrections! This will be the place where you can trace your game progress and choose your next, wise actions. We made the level tree scrollable and this unfortunately exposed some nasty issues with our Gui implementation. In the end, we had to rework a good chunk of the drawing logic for Gui elements. The good thing is that meanwhile, issues that are related to our game framework (or engine, if you want) occurr less and less frequently which is a good indication that it is getting more reliable and stable over time.

LevelSelection small