• wave info drawer now draws a wave progress bar underneath the level name
  • restarting a level now immediately takes you back to the battlefield with your previously selected heroes (and not back to the lobby)
  • twin-stick shooting is now default
  • Knightmare now summons Frost Zombies
  • snow sharks no longer enter the support sphere on certain occassions
  • fixed bar coloring in wave plotter
  • fixed some smaller issues in the level editor  

WavePlotterColors small

  • added a module description panel to the support sphere upgrade screen

This, and much more playtesting and tweaking!


ModuleDescriptions small

  • added awesome warning sign + message when a jump fails due to low endurance
  • most screens now support navigation with the user defined in-game keyboard bindings
  • the level tree in the level selection screen can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel
  • added eery sounds for wraiths
  • lots of level tweaking

jump warning

We're there! We started handing over the next preview version (codename "VC1") to our most trusted playtesters. With their help, we will mercilessly hunt down and eliminate all but the most elusive remaining bugs in the next weeks. In parallel, the content will be further tweaked and everything will get a final polish. Stay tuned for the official announcement of the VC1 release!

  • level images of completed levels are now drawn darker
  • Snow Witches are now less likely to teleport around so much
  • changed gamepad button bindings (big improvement here, we figured that you CAN use the bumpers, if you just want to!)
  • skill tree does not show skill trees for locked heroes anymore, but a hint label
  • Shield now grants total invulnerability
  • fixed issue where flying creatures would get stuck at trampling creatures
  • fixed issue where crows would not damage frost sharks
  • fixed issue where raven could not kill bats
  • fixed wraith spawning in boss level
  • fixed Multishot skill for Rogue
  • fixed issue where skillpoints panel would keep blinking even if there are no skillpoints left
Dev Features
  • improved level statistics panels to reveal yet more information

Many small changes, fixes and improvements this week. Not terribly exciting, but still neccesssary! Even more so now that we're taking the final steps towards the coming preview.

  • finished designing the Iceworld boss
  • added two new skills for the Rogue: Crows and Raven
  • fixed yet another collision issue where a player would merge with big creatures instead of bouncing back
  • fixed issue with AI navigation when walking towards a constant direction (instead of walking to a given destination or target)

The Rogue has now access to some powerful companions on her side, namely a bunch of crows and a powerful raven. The crows circle around the Rogue, protecting her from nearby enemies, while the raven roams the battlefield on his own. Also, Knightmare, the boss of Iceworld, is finally done.

... Development Paused ...